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01 Rose Gold Spoon

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01 Rose Gold is built with a single tablespoon volume to scale recipes and ratios with consistency. The well is deeply formed to cradle liquid, the tip is tapered to a fine point for precise pouring or basting. The handle is long enough to stir a braise or a pot of beans, and nimble enough to sauce a plate.The lip is thin and flared to help scrape the corners of a pan or storage container.

Inspired by the worn and tarnished steel often found at flea markets, and modeled after old American and European silhouettes the spoon is tumbled and unpolished. This creates a matte and imperfect material finish. Each piece is stamped and etched, then finished by hand on a lathe in Mr. Okada’s workshop.


Niigata, Japan


18/10 Japanese stainless steel


9 inches


Hand-wash only, please. Treat the gold plating like carbon steel and avoid leaving in acidic environments like vinaigrette or tomato sauce.


Packaging is constructed with recycled chipboard