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00 Silver Spoon

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The 01s slotted companion.

The 00 is a nimble creature comfortable reaching into poaching liquid or blanching water, able to fetch tempura from the fryer, or even retrieve fish from a pan of hot butter, maybe to grab some braised greens, check if the beans are done, or to pluck an olive from the 12 quart container in the back of the walk-in.



Inspired by the worn and tarnished steel often found at flea markets, and modeled after old American and European silhouettes the spoon is tumbled and unpolished. This creates a matte and imperfect material finish. Each piece is stamped and etched, then finished by hand on a lathe in Mr. Okada’s workshop.


Niigata, Japan


18/10 Japanese stainless steel


9 inches


1 Tablespoon


Hand-wash only, please.


Packaging is constructed with recycled chipboard