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Noyau Cake Tester

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This glimmering scepter is a secret weapon in pro kitchens the world over. If you’ve ever wondered how restaurants consistently nail temps on meat, fish, and baked goods the humble cake tester is your answer. A meat thermometer provides an accurate but detached numerical answer, the cake tester offers an opportunity to cook intuitively. To use your senses and be more connected to your food. To understand what medium-rare feels like, not what a digital probe tells you. If you treat this battle sword well, you may not need to buy another cake tester again.





A cake tester that doesn’t melt, snap, or separate. Noyau is built with tough Japanese steel, a more fitting material than the polyurethane often used by manufacturers. Taking inspiration from cocktail pins found at bars and antique shops in Kyoto, Noyau's head is stamped flat to feel like a weighted guitar pick, and pinched at the base to keep the rod firmly in place. The tip is pointed, to mimic a toothpick and slide through meat, fish, cake, and veg without damaging flesh, fiber, or crumb. 


Niigata, Japan


18/8 Japanese stainless steel


5.5 inches


Hand-wash only, please.


Noyau's tip is sharp out of the box, please use with caution. If you would like it less sharp, a few passes on medium-grit sandpaper or something similar will do the trick.


Little pink box constructed with recycled chipboard

Use Noyau to take temps of your steak/fish/poultry/baked goods.

Doneness Guide:


Insert skewer in center from side, should feel like sliding through butter. If there is any resistance, cook longer - you are poking through uncooked fibers.


Insert skewer in thickest area, hold for a few moments, remove and test on lower lip or inner wrist. Just below skin temp = Rare. Slightly warm = Med Rare. Almost hot = Medium. Hot to the touch = Well-Done. 


Insert skewer in thickest area of thigh/breast. Hold for a few moments, remove and test. Should feel hot to the touch.


Use in place of toothpick. 

Baked Potato

If there is any resistance, cook longer. Should feel soft siding through.

Frozen Dumpling

Insert skewer in center from top. Hold for a moment. Remove and test. 


Why is the cake tester an important tool?
The stainless steel skewer conducts heat quickly, making it an efficient tool for determining internal temperature. It’s thinner than a fork or toothpick, which allows the tester to slide in and out of your roast potato or tea cake unnoticed - rather than blasting a channel for steam to escape. It was originally designed for the pastry kitchen, but has been adopted by hot lines everywhere.